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New Love & Relationshippers and veteran members alike, I'm calling EVERYONE in the community – seriously, even if you just joined today – to cast your vote for our team name!!
We decided that "Love & Relationshippers" is just a bit too long... XD So we need a new, cool name that we can use when tagging each other, talking to each other, giving people love advice, etc.
Here's a link to the poll I created so you can cast your vote: CLICK HERE!!!!

Check out all the awesome names people suggested, and help decide the future of the Love & Relationship community!!

This is honestly my favorite place on Vingle, because of how caring and kind and amazing everyone is – we're always there for each other, and someone's always got wise advice to share (I'm looking at you, @ButterflyBlu and @InPlainSight :D among others!).
So let's be proud of our L&R identity, and make a team name to rally under! Maybe we make a flag too... and take over Vingle with our powers of love!!! :D
*evil love laugh* MWAHAHAHA!

Okay, so remember to cast your vote – let's sayyy before this Sunday, 12am EST (sorry to everyone in other time zones haha). Go team TBH!!!

Massive tag block incomingggg:
Wait...that's how I end all my cards, "later, LoveBugs" I voted for Lovinglers...
I was promised medal. T.T
@allischaaff done, mama!! And thank you! <3
either the one I selected or my suggestion would have been LoShippers
omg Love Bugs, that's perfect!
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