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Comedy, Romance, and One Reverse Harem. 3 Anime everyone should watch.
Ouran High School Host Club!!! My very first card was about this Anime. It was the very beginning of my obsession. It's 100% reverse Harem greatness. Haruhi as the main character winds up with a mistaken gender identity which throws her into a series of hilarious adventures with the prestigious Ouran Host club.
Gogure! Kokkuri-san... This anime is probably the most hilarious show I have ever watched in my entire life.... I'm not even joking. if you want to get a good laugh consider watching this girls relationships with a fox, tanuki, and a dog spirit. Also you will have a great appreciation for her obsession with cup noodles.
and lastly, Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun.... this is a cute show about quite the unusual group of people that end up together at high school. It's both adorable and funny... If you've ever had a crush on a friend and they've been totally oblivious you will appreciate this. @hikaymm :) Sorry I can't do more I know I've said 1 million times that I'm busy but I am still living out of a hotel.
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