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Best friend: JeongMin Crush: YoungMin Breaks My Heart: MinWoo Confesses To Me: HyunSeong Feeds Me: DongHyun Obsessive One: YoungMin Protective One: KwangMin Dedicates A Song: KwangMin Kisses Me: DongHyun Marry&Starts Family: DongHyun @AimeeH STORY TIME
"How are you wearing shorts?" JeongMin blew bubbles at the exposed skin of my legs. "My legs don't get that cold. Why worry?" I hummed out, blowing bubbles again. "You're wearing stockings and boots. You even put a sweater on, with a scarf. You're my best friend, I'm supposed to worry about your health." He gave me a flat look and I laughed, bumping his shoulder. "When are they showing up? We've been here for a half hour already." We'd been sitting at the fountain for far to long and I was growing impatient. "MinWoo and HyunSeong still don't wanna come around you, they find it awkward." He paused blowing out another batch of bubbles. ",DongHyun said the twins were being stubborn getting up." "That was an awful lunch. And that's the last time you stay at mine when we're meeting up with everyone, they never wanna leave if you aren't there to kick their assess." I set my bubbles aside, standing and walking around the small courtyard. Two weeks ago I'd gone to lunch with HyunSeong and dragged MinWoo along. Everything was going great until we started arguing about something completely irrelevant. Somehow I ended up confessing to MinWoo, having my heart totally crushed when he turned me down then HyunSeong turned around and did the same, I took it as a joke to cheer me up and then I realized he was serious a little to late. They haven't returned my calls since. "But they should just get over it, I did. Why can't things just go back to normal? I even have a new crush." JeongMin watched me walking, raising an eyebrow at my confession. "And who's your new crush?" "We're here!" A trio of boys walked into the courtyard and I squealed. "Guys! Took you long enough." When they got close enough, I pulled YoungMin in for a hug that probably lasted just a bit to long. "Nevermind." JeongMin whispered next to me, earning him an elbow to the side when I let go of YoungMin. "Yah! Emmy where are your pants?" KwangMin yelled, pointing at my shorts. "My legs aren't cold." I stated it matter-of-factly, KwangMin smacking the back of my head in response. "What the hell was that for? Is that anyway to treat your Noona?" "You act more like a little sister than a noona, Emmy." KwangMin threw his arm around my shoulders, leaning against me. "Plus you aren't even a full year older." YoungMin pitched in, grinning widely. "Alright stop picking on poor Emmy." DongHyun spoke up, pulling the younger twin away "Are we ready to go?" When everyone nodded, DongHyun turn around and crouched. "You know me so well Hyunnie." Once I was secured on his back, everyone started walking ready to get our day started. "You like YoungMin, don't you?" DongHyun spoke quietly, the group just a few steps ahead. "I made it to obvious. Why do you ask?" I rested my chin on his shoulder, watching the three boys joking in front of us. "He's got a small obsession with you is all." "YoungMin likes me then? Think he'll take me on a date?" "KwangMin wouldn't allow it. I think that's the one thing the twins would really fight over, you're like Kwang's little sister remember."
-1 year later- "Princess." "Stop calling me that, Kwang." I tossed a jacket at him and pulled on my boots. "I'll see you after the show tonight. Okay?" "You'll be there right?" DongHyun was standing next to the door, waiting on everyone. "Not front row but I'll be there. Meet you at the restaurant afterwards?" I smiled at him, reaching for the doorknob. "Look at twitter just before we go on." KwangMin excitedly chirped, bouncing on his feet. "Be sure to, see you guys later!" Clicking the door closed behind me, I leaned on it for a second. "Going on a date with Emmy?" "Shut up and get your shoes on, we've got rehearsals." Letting a small giggle out over their muffled banter, I headed for the elevator. The show tonight would be great and I couldn't wait for it to start. The small stadium was filling with people, chattering and laughing before the start of the shows. Girls around me spoke happily, excited to see their idols performing. I watched those nearby, holding signs and larger than probably allowed banners. It was difficult not to start a laughing fit over some of the things being held. When my ringtone suddenly went off, several people around me gave sour looks. I apologized and quickly answered it before anyone realized that my ringtone was actually DongHyun yelling. "Hello?" "Emmy! We stole hyungs phone. Have you checked twitter?" "Kwang? Young? Seriously guys stop taking his phone and no I haven't. Why?" I shifted in my seat, turning away from prying eyes. "Go check it, we're going on in a minute. Bye!" They hung up before I could reply and I just stared at my phone for a second. Huffing out and switching my app open, I scrolled until I found the latest tweet.

'Tonight's show is dedicated to our Princesses'

"That's why he kept calling me that and clever way to hide it, calling me the dog's name." - It was a little cold, the night air kicking up in a brisk breeze. The show ended almost an hour ago but I'd only just reached the restaurant, deciding to walk here. The show had been packed and everyone around me had been buzzing with energy. "Emmy!" DongHyun jogged up to me, his car packed a few spaces back. "What are you standing outside for?" "Waiting for you, I just got here so it wasn't like I was standing around very long." I grinned at him, heading for the door. "Feed me Hyunnie." "Whatever you say Princess."
Bright, very bright light streamed into the bedroom. The room was cast in shades of bright blues and greens but that isn't what caused me to stir. In seconds I was up and running for the bathroom, whatever was in my stomach before waking wasn't there after a a few minutes. Digging under the bathroom sink, I found the littke box I'd been searching for. Starting my morning routine, I waited for the lines to show as I brushed my teeth. Grinning once those two little pink lines appeared, I got dressed for the day. "Good morning noona!" I was greeted by a chorus of hellos. "Morning boys. Where's Jun?" "JeongMin took him outside." DongHyun pulled me closer, hooking his legs behind my knees "You okay? I heard you in the bathroom earlier." He kissed my nose. "Perfectly fine." Kissing his forehead, I looked over at the twins ",YoungMin could you go get them?" He quickly nodded, mouth full of food, and stood from the table. Once everyone was back in the kitchen, nearly all of them already back at eating. JeongMin was babying his godson, feeding him little bits of breakfast and I smiled at the two of them. "So good news!" I tossed my arms up, watching as everyone's attention moved to me "I'm pregnant again!" DongHyun pulled me into a hug, giving an entirely excited kiss and grinning from ear to ear. The twins starting an argument in who gets to name this one. MinWoo and HyunSeong laughing at the two and shouting out their own ideas. JeongMin sqeezed Jun's cheeks and told him he was getting a sibling, another god child for himself. "Ready for another?" Tossing my arms around my husband's neck, I looked down at him. "More than ready." With that we shared another kiss and the excitement around us continued.
Afsgjflsh sjdkkdis bdkfksba djfkjdjf MY heartu!! I love it Baby girl!!! ♡♡♡♡♡♡ Thank you so much for participating!!!
@Emealia Not at all!!! I loved it!!
@AimeeH Yay! So it wasn't totally awful :D