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Texting in Korean: Happy Birthday!
November is a goldmine of awesome Kpop birthdays (VIXX's Leo, Big Bang's TOP, and EXO's Chanyeol just to name a few) so I think its a good time to learn to write:

Happy Birthday!

1. 생일 축하해요

(saeng-il chu-ka-hae-yo)
생일 = birthday
축하해요 = congratulations

2. 해피 버스데이

Literally, happy birthday just written in Korean characters :D
It's pronounced more like "hae-pi beo-seu-dei" (happy bus-day^^)

Who is your favorite Korean idol born in November?

(here's a short list!)
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@TiffanyBibian Your welcome!
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VIXX Leo Bigbang TOP and EXO Chanyeol 🎂❤️ I love them 3 but my main bias is LEO 😍😘
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Rania Xia <3
2 years ago·Reply