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So sports fans, here's something I want to discuss with y'all.

Do sports teams absolutely need team captains?

Well, Major League Baseball is one of the few sports that do not require a team captain.

But as we have seen with Derek Jeter, Jason Varitek, and a few others, captains could have a positive impact on a team!

That does not mean requiring a captain for each team will bring positive results! What if there isn't a player who deserves the captain spot on a team?
I want to open up the floor for some discussions about this issue.

What do my Vinglers think about team captains on sports teams? Are they a must or not?

Inviting all my sports fans!
I think it also really depends on the sport. In Hockey, the team captain has a practical on-ice role that can be performed by an alternate. In American football, they designate offensive and defensive "captains" to keep the players on the field in line. I think the most important thing is that there is a veteran leadership presence, but necessarily in the form of a captain.
The 1969-70 Boston Bruins didn't have a captain (they had three alternate captains) and they won the Stanley Cup.
some player are jus born leaders n if have one on ur team it would be best if he or them to be leaders because in sports teams have some of the biggest ego there, sometimes u need that someone or someones to help motivate the team on they're goals. A captain is always necessary but they are great asset
I do agree a reserve player cannot be a capt. he/she have to be on field. What I'm trying to say is that the player dont have to be the absolute best in the team to be capt. if she can hold her ground on the field that's good enough.
If the guy can motivate his teammates to work harder, is a quick problem solver (good with position and strategies), has the respect of his peers then he fits the criteria. A great athlete! even better. Great athlete tend to hug the spotlight so that might be a minor issue to worry about.
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