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Hey! How have you been? Doing good? I sure hope so!

Anyway, I decide to do this card cause today I was really really cranky and in such an irritated mood, that I felt like I couldn't even eat. And for me, not eating, well.... It doesn't happen often. It never does, actually. But I seriously thought I couldn't keep up with this. I had to smile. But, I'm going to be really honest with you guys, I'm a very optimistic and positive person! I love to smile and make things fun and people to be happy. Well, you know what? I'm Sagittarius. Look up the Horoscope and you'll basically get the idea of me. I don't care about anything, as long as people are enjoying it. And I would do anything -seriously, anything- to make people, friends and family smile. Its just my nature. And here on Vingle, we are one really big family. So please, if you are having a bad day, or not even if you are having a bad day, look at these. Look at them and smile. Please. It will help :). *By the way, this card is kinda long. Its worth it though, get your self comfortable! :)

1. Kill them with success, and bury them with a smile.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not 100% sure our RapMonster actually said this, but hey, its his vocabulary. I feel as though RapMon can say so many things in first hand, I mean, he did teach himself English. He did audition for himself. He did have to lie along time to his parents to achieve the goals he has accomplished right now. And just like this, if you are down because of someone, keep your chin up high. You will definitely find someone better.

2. While you guys partied, I have up sleep for my dreams.

I'm almost sure this is a line from "We Are Bulletproof". Its one of my favorite songs. Why I put this here though, is to state that with hard effort, comes good results. My teacher has this motto in his classroom that goes: If it is to be, its up to me... I don't know, I find this very helpful in times where I'm feeling hopeless, like I can t reach my goals sonetimes. It keeps my determination up high. More than it always is.

3. If I'm the sun, you are the moon. Because when I rise, you go down.

All I gotta say is that Suga looks so cute here, to be honest. To those people who can't stop thinking about that one person who is constantly beating you at things, making fun if your dreams, and making life miserable: been there, done that. Basically my whole elementary I was bullied. Real bad. But things do get better. Soo better, please, you are the best, don't let them bring you down. Not today, Not tomorrow or the day after. Don't let them.

4. Living without passion is like being dead.

Let me tell you this, I am extremely lazy and stubborn at times. Its a bad habit. But when I do things I enjoy, I do them with sooooo much passion, that even if I'm not the best one there is about it, people still compliment me. Its better to give your 100% and try to do it, than do nothing at all, and wait for the "good" results. Try to put more heart into things you do, it helps :).

5. throw a stone at me if you have done as much as I did.

As I said earlier, I was bullied. My whole childhood. And look at me now, from the nerdy dorky follower girl, I am now a leader and a good friend. I am the President of my student Council, And could name so many more. I grew. And I changed. All because of the hate and cruel comments I had. Don't let anyone, anyone, tell you you aren't good enough. And if they do, use this as fuel to grow. Legit. Grow, so that one day, if you meet then again, they will be asking for the job. You will be the owner if the company, who is interviewing them. ;).
6. If You don't work hard, there won't be a good result. As I said earlier. This qoute. This qoute. You can get super far in life with just this qoute. It states that if you don't feel the satisfaction in doing something good, do it better. Don't give up. Giving up is your last option. All the time. You must remember.
7. Never stop dreaming. OK, I am very guilty of this one. I have felt sooooo friggin bad that I dream too much. And I do, I can't focus. I'm constantly thinking if what might happen next, what could happen, or what will happen. That is until unrealized that without my dreams, I wouldn't have any motivation in me. I have learned to think of dreams as a gift. For I am not one if those regular narrow minded people in he world. I have dreams, I have standards, and I have goals. And I'm not planning on giving them up. Dont ever let anyone tell you to stop dreaming. And don't feel bad about it either. They are simply the style of life you would live to live in. And if you work hard enough, if you don't let go of those dreams, you will go there.

8. Work hard, Play hard.

Do any of you play sports? I play Volleyball, Racing, and Soccer. Every once in a while I play Softball and Basket ball. If you do play, you know the struggle. You wanna give it your all. You wanna win. If you are in a debate team, I am. You definitely know the struggle, you have to fight and say every. single. fact. In order to win. You can have a good chance of losing if you don't practice or if you aren't in the mood. Work Hard, Play hard. Give it your all in court and in practice. Give it your all in school. Don't stop giving your all. Thats the wort thing you can do. Remember, when motivation and activeness goes out the window, winning goes out the door .

9. I don't date ugly girls because I believe they don't exist.

Let's admit it. Lay is a sweetheart. He's a dork. He's telling you that you aren't ugly. He's telling you you are you. Pretty sure you have heard of GOT7 song, Just Right, right? It tells you to not change a thing, to stay the way you are. Perfect. Just right. For those suffering from fear of gaining weight, fear of cutting your hair, fear of your glasses, fear of something physical, remeber you are you. And that the biggest a blessing anyone can receive, to have natural beauty. To have natural confidence. I'll admit, even I, a sassy person who is all about fun and laughter, I was scared about gaining weight once. I was scared of wearing glasses. I though I was gonna look ugly, or that people wouldn't accept me. Well, as a proud potterhead, I will qoute Luna's: The people who care don't mind, and the people who mind don't care. Be proud of who you are.

10. I want a big house, big cars and big dreams.

One thing Suga has taught me is that you have to earn things. Somehow. He has goals and due lines he does for himself because he wants to win. He wans to accomplish them. What I really like about this line from "No More Dream" is that he says he WANTS them. And knowing Suga, he will get them. You gotta think like that. You must be determined. You have to make it through this obstacle course called life. And at the end, when you are about to finish it, you realize and value all the hard work you did. Cause hey, hard work always gives a price.

11. Walk your own road. Don't expect everyone else to do the same.... It'll only crowd your path.

Tablo here made a really good and important message. We must be alone. We have to face out problems by ourselves. Why? Because the main reason we are alive today is basically because we are this strong. And overtime, we will get stronger. Some of you may be going to college, or already getting out of college, or living alone for the first time -and my hats off to you, cause i can't even go to a mall without anyone without being scared someone will kidnap me. Yes, a mature teen going to the mall and being scared. Yes, if you ever see a girl with curly hair, usually red clothes, and big hazel eyes, thats me. Make sure to say hi- this may lead to a very serious cause of depression. Humans weren't meant to be alone, we were meant to be with family. But don't worry if your friends aren't with you all the time. We must each face our problems and go our own way to happiness and our future. If you ever feel like you won't make it or a dark tunnel of loneliness, stretching on and on, remember there will be light, there will be love, and here will be life. As Dumbledore once said: Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the light.

12. In order to wear a crown, you must be able to bear the weight of the crown first.

I don't mean to brag, but I'm the Student Council President of my school. Do you know how much responsability that is? I skipped a year, so while most of my friends are like already with a friggin beard and everything, I am there looking like a 5 year old. I'm not really 5, just compared to them. When I first ran, I knew that it was gonna be hard. I knew that I wouldn't be able to just quit in the middle of the semester and say I can't. So I kinda "trained" for a few days, I took more care if the dog, I did all my chores, I helped Mom with my sister. etc. Small details can help you figure out how much something is. If the preassure is too much on you (and we all get it, don't worry. Its normal sometimes) take a break, a small one. And "train" to do a better job. Or if you can't take a break, decide your choice. Seriously, consider all your decisions and just ask yourself: am i really doing something I want? Cause sometimes we want it. I am in love with being President. You can help so, so, so many, student. Its really nice. If you want to do it, then do your thing.

13. - I am not pretty or beautiful, but I am the best. - Yes, I don't have talent, that's why I work hard.

These two Dara qoutes are great. The first one helps you overcome the fear of being ugly. As long as you get the satisfaction of being the best, you don't need to be pretty. That pretty guy you like, doesn't like you back? Don't worry baby, life is redirecting you to someone better. The second one talks about talent. I'll confess, I'm a really good drawer. Pretty sure I was born with it. But personally I don't even have time to draw anymore. I am not, however, good at rapping. No, I wasn't good at it. I practiced so much, because I really enjoy it, that people actually make duets with me at parties with Karaoke. Since most of my friends can do real High notes, I can't do those. I have a very deep voice for a girl. So I tell them : it's fine. Ill do the rap. And I am proud to say, people say I'm one of the best rappers on school. But work comes off. Work, and you will achieve. It doesn't matter if you don't have talent.

14. Never forget to smile.

To be honest, this is my favorite qoute. From all of these. Its so genuine, so positive, that just reading it brings a smile to my face. We really need to show our teeth more, people. Our world has changed soooo much that nowadays, even 10 year olds are going through depression. And I mean, they are too young first of all. Not only that, but remember this. Kids follow your lead, and attitudes are contagious. Is yours worth catching? Think about it.....

15. Fight for the right to be you.

Where does Tablo even get these words??? Like dude, you are exactly like RapMonster with his philosophical shizt. Anyway, as I said earlier, the biggest blessing someone can get is staying true to yourself. If you somehow cant fight for what you want to do with yourself, figure out a way. You wont go far in life if you don't. If your mom doesn't let you dye your hair pink at your teens, respect her decision. Do it when (excuse me) she passes away, or when you move out of the house. If your dad wants you to be a doctor, but you faint at the sight of blood, tell him. Make him realize that you don't want to that. So many things can happen and affect you if you don't stand up for yourself, if you aren't you.

16. Even a falling star still shines

Look, first of all, don't let anyone bring you down. You are worth more than that. If they ever bring you down, don't see yourself as a monster, don't see yourself as anything else but something precious and rare. So precious and rare that only a few tweeks could make it what's it was made to be. Use these words as encouragement that you could do better. And you will.

17. Because SunYe is the leader, she will always pretend that she is not tired.

Hey, take a break. It helps. But if you can't, remember you are loved and looked up to by at least one person. Love yourself. And realize that maybe as the leader you have to be strong, that you can't show weakness. We have all gone through that. Don't worry. But please, for your health take the day off to watch Netflix or a KPop MusicVideo Marathon or a KDrama. I don't know, do what floats your little boat.

18. Don't give up on your dreams & keep working towards it.

I'm gonna say these kind of things all the time if I need them drilled on your head.


19. The ground hardens after the rain.

Ever heard that saying: Without rain there is no rainbow.? Its basically the same thing. In order to become stronger, wiser, and more experience, out must go through the storm. You must make it past that. And trust me, you can. I have changed so much since that little girl back then, I grew, I am much more mature than I used to be. I am confident in myself now. And you will too! Just hold on, darling. The pain will stop. And you will do what you want after that. Just be strong. _______________________________ I really hope this helped someone who needed it. I feel really bad when people aren't living life to the fullest. I want you guys to know, you are loved. You are admired. And yes, your effort is appreciated. You are amazing no matter what. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. As I keep saying, my inbox is always open. I love you all and please, smile. You look great with it! Have an amazing day/night Vinglers!
And we have brought on the warm, fuzzy, wet feels. Thank you so much for this.
I officially know all of Exo by their smiles lord help me
this was a beautiful card and u are a beautiful person thanks so much for doing this馃憤馃憣馃槉馃槉馃槉馃槉
This was wonderful! Thank you!
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