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{Noona November} Lee Hyun Woo Appreciation!
Since it's officially Noona November, I wanted to highlight a young actor that I've really started to fall in love with...

Lee Hyun Woo!

I'm a 1991 liner (literally the last day of 1991!) so I am this 1993 liner's noona :3

Check out some of his roles below:

Queen Seondeok

He was such a baby then!! Hyunwoo started off really young and had a part in the hugely successful historical drama, Queen Seondeok!

Master of Study

Still practically a baby, Hyunwoo was sassy, adorable, and just fabulous (no I'm not biased lol) in Master of Study!

To the Beautiful You

I haven't seen the entire drama but the Hyunwoo clips I have seen have made me so happy. This was my favorite character from the Japanese version of To The Beautiful You, and it looked like he did an amazing job!

Secretly, Greatly

We've talked about Korean movies that make you cry like a baby, and Secretly Greatly is high on my list. Hyunwoo played an incredible character and I won't spoil it for you, but you'll be really shocked by his role!

Any other Hyunwoo fans here!?

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eee! Hyunwoo is a great actor love him!
2 years ago·Reply
Love hyun woo! He cute!😘
2 years ago·Reply
I loved Hyunwoo in Secretly Greatly
2 years ago·Reply
OMG my baby
2 years ago·Reply
OMG I LOVE HYUNIE!!!!! (he's my oppa though xD ((most of them are though xD)))
2 years ago·Reply