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Chapter 5- BTS Concert and Date Night?!?

*If you're new to the story or want to recap on some chapters check out my Fanfic collection*


After my little episode, Jin and the rest of BTS agreed that I needed some space for now and left to get ready for a convert they were holding that night. Marisol, Glo, and Aimee stayed with me at the hospital so they could assist me. Jin, of course, was the last one to leave not wanting to leave. *FLASHBACK* "Are you sure you'll be okay?" he looked at me with a worried expression. I blushed at his words. "Don't worry I'll be fine." He gave me a pout face and I restrained myself from kissing the frown off his face. At that point Jimin came to see what was taking so long. He face expression wavered when he saw me with Jin. "Hyung you know its time to go!! Let Kiara rest now." He then made eye contact with me and I was surprised at the intensity of it, so much that I looked away. Jin not noticing what just occurred between me and Jimin got up and began to leave. "I'll see you later okay?" He left but Jimin stopped at the door and added, "I can't wait to see you either..". He winked at me and left me to my thoughts.... *FLASHBACK END* What was that voice? And that light...what's going on?? I was lost in thought until Marisol's laughter and Aimee's scream brought me back to reality. Aimee was on the chair pointing at something on the floor while Marisol was rolling in laughter. I followed Aimee's hand that pointed to a plastic snake that was on the floor positioned perfectly. I rolled my eyes knowing the pranker. "Gosh...Marisol really??" Glo scolded. "You scared Aimee half to death.". She helped Aimee down from the chair. Mariso immediately put on a solemn face. "Sorry Aimee...but its just that I'm so bored!!" She drew out the word for about 5 minutes. "We get it!!" I said while laughing at her. "If only there was something we could do tonight." Glo smiled. "Well it so does happen that our Bangtan oppas have a concert today.." Marisol interrupted her before mid-sentence, "Yeah that we can't go to because they left us the jerks..". Glo smile somehow got even bigger as she held up 4 tickets.
We all gasped in astonishment. "How...who..??" Aimee stammered. Glo face couldn't hold her excitement as she talked. "It was Jimin!!! When he and Jin left Kiara's room he handed me the tickets only saying to make sure Kiara came." They looked at me and i couldn't hide the surprise on my face. On one hand I was flattered by Jimin's act but kinda confused as to why Jin didn't take the time to think of us. "Well what are we waiting for?" Marisol yelled. "Let's go!!!" She lifted me up with surprising strength and threw me I the chair. I didn't even mind because I was ready to go to. We finally went home(we shared a 4 bedroom house but for the last few days the hospital was our home) and changed and headed for the concert!! "Its a good thing your van is wheelchair friendly Glo. Or Kiara would've have been able go go." Aimee said while we were on the way there. Glo focused on the road but managed to say, "Well yeah. After I heard of what happened I knew what I had to do for my unnie." She looked at me through the rearview mirror. "Right?" I smiled at her wanting to give her a huge hug but I figured the smile was enough for right now. She was driving after all. "Right!! And I love you guys for just being here even when I know I'm a bit of a burden." Marisol played hit me in the arm. " Hey why would you even say that? We're friends here so don't ever consider yourself a burden!!" She sat back down in her seat with a puff of breath. Aimee turned back to me too. "Yeah its just like Marisol said darling!! We'll always love you." I smiled at all them as a few tears welled up in my eyes. "You're right girls. Who are we?" I shouted. We all responded "CAMP SQUAD!!". And we all laughed.
When we finally arrived we raced to the gate and was greeted by a tall man in a suit who escorted us to front row seats. Me and Glo were practically squealing while Aimee was busy not trying to bump into anything. Marisol was miles ahead of all us holding our seats for us. You could tell she was excited because she never stopped moving. And I couldn't help myself as I started to get excited too. Soon the lights dimmed and the concert began. Needless to say the concert was a blast. They all looked so great on stage as I kept my eyes on Jin. I look away from Jin and immediately lock eyes with Jimin who was dancing in the lead. He matched my stare and held it as h continued to dance even more vigoursly and sexually. He smiled and bit his lip as he did a massive body roll. I looked away with burning cheeks. The concert finally ended and we were then escorted into the back where their dressing room was located. We congratulated them on their performance. I personally complimented on Jin's singing and Jimin's dancing. They both beamed at me and stepped forward to give me a hug. They looked at each other waiting for one to move. Thank full before an argument started Rap Monster suggested that we all go out. "We seemed to have made pairs already it seems.." Namjoon observed as he looked around. "So we'll all meet up tomorrow at the hospital cool?". He looked around not seeing any objections and left with Marisol. Aimee and J-Hope was next to go. Then V and Jungkook because they were already sneaking out anyway. Then there was me, Jimin, Jin, Glo, and Suga left. Suga announced that he was going to take a nap. Glo realizing how tired she was too joined him. Jin grabbed my chair and led me to the door. We had already talked about going out this evening to eat.
I turned and saw Jimin staring at us as he was left alone I told Jin to stop. He did and asked me want was wrong. I took a deep breath and called to Jimin, "Jimin would you like to come too? We wouldn't mind a third person.". Jin looked at me in surprise. I tried to avoid his gaze as Jimin got his things ready. Jin kneeled down to me and whispered, "I only counted on us two going out...". I felt really guilty not even knowing my own reasons for inviting Jimin. I mouthed a silent sorry as Jimin approached us. He looked at us with a smile. "So where are we headed?" Jin turned and left out the door while pushing me ignoring Jimin. I sighed and motioned for him to follow.
๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚i loved this one soo much seriously #CampSquadForLife and i think you should definitely include more of your date with jin and jimin and just like little snippets of our dates
@glo86 Sorry noona lol I didnt know who ur bias was after Jin in BTS @otakukpopgirl You're gonna be in the next chapter :D you won't vw dating anyone but you'll be major part in the story. @Jiyongixoxo @DenieceSuit Thanks!! #CampSquadForLife @xjaymc Thank you. I tries lol
SOOOO GOOOD!!! LIKE ALWAYS!!!! HEHE!!! I enjoyed this and I see alot of drama in the future of this story. I will try to write another chapter of my story tomorrow before I work
@thePinkPrincess as long as I'm close with you guys and BTS I'm fine with that xD
This was a good chapter! You kept your word about Jimin! Thank you!
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