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Over the summer, Susana Delahante held a competition in Cuba to celebrate and promote black pride within the Afro-Cuban community. There were three categories that participants could enter in: natural, braided, and dreadlocked. It was a 2-hour competition with over 70 contestant. This is absolutely awesome! As an afro-latina, I love to see these sort of things. We definitely need more support and representation within the afro-latino community. Unfortunately, black skin and black hair can be viewed negatively or less beautiful in the Latino community, but it's great to see events like these to build black pride.

Check out some of the awesome hair at the competition:

Felicia Solano, 72, was the overall winner of the Natural hair competition!

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@alywoah yes it would
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this is amazing!!!! and they are absolutely gorgeous. thanks for tagging.
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wow. what a beautiful way to celebrate women.
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@Nicolejb yess! I really love this a lot
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@jordanhamilton you're welcome!!! ^_^
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