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I made pre-debut card about Young K about a month ago and here's the follow up! Jae's pre-debut performances!
He was already swooning the crowd *cough cough* (ladies) even before he audition for Kpop Star. The clip above was from a fancam at SM Town Fan Meet up. I think he participated in a fan singing contest and someone happened to film him. And guess what? He did eventually become a singer!
Something Jae would say or hashtag:

Don't give up on your dreams, yo!

Cuz, guess what? He got in K-pop Star!
It was hard to find his cut on K-pop star but this is one of the best one I found.
And he's one step closer to make his passion become his career.
This was his solo track from K-Pop Star. He was one of the two contestants who signed a contract with JYP.

It was long journey but he finally debuted as a vocalist of DAY6! ^^

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Jae is my favorite. I love my funny little sweg chicken. 😍🐓
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He's so adorable and I love his voice!
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yup. I'm convinced. he's my bias ♡ wahhh. his cover of Can't Take My Eyes Off of You made me cry. it was ai good and its one of my favorite songs ♡ so good. he's so adorable. i love him
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