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Converting people is so addictive!!
I find myself rambling about KPop and KDramas to anyone who will listen. I knew it was bad when I walked in on my mom watching the Big Bang Alive tour documentary on Dramafever hahaha. It made me so happy I almost cried!! I've succeeded in fully converting my little sister into all things Korean too!! It's such a wonderful feeling to see their eyes light up after an awesome video. There is a never ending world of entertainment!!!
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My older sister introduced me to K-Pop when I was in fifth grade and in sixth grade I watched my first KDrama Boys Over Flowers. We are both currently bringing our two younger siblings into the K-Pop world!
@RavenQueen0810 ahhh yes Boys Over Flowers is also what led me down the rabbit hole. It wasn't my first drama but it was the first one I felt was like crack. I could NOT stop watching lol