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Noona November (^^)
I love this kid with every fiber of my being. Its kind of embarrassing because I've never met him. but I think he is the most fantastic thing ever.
that smile is a killer (slays me every time)
he's silly/funny
and when he did this I was dead "Mr.Spreading Legs"
I'm a couple years older than him but I would do anything for the chance to talk to him (or an attempt to talk to him since he says he doesn't speak English and my Korean is terrible)
ok . I'm good. I'm done
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There is seriously nothing he can't do. He sings, raps, dances, is GORGEOUS, writes songs, idek im in love
I'm... Um... So I didn't look at all the pictures and realized this is an entire post about Kookie... //smashes head against wall @destiny1419 WHY AM I SO DUMB AHJSABKUSXG THIS CARD THO