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The Jets lost starting quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick to a thumb injury and the San Francisco 49ers have reportedly benched their onetime franchise quarterback, Colin Kaepernick. Seems like a match made in heaven right?
Think again. The Jets will probably pass on Colin Kapernick at the trade deadline and in this off-season.
While Colin has a massive 110 million dollar contract, it is very team friendly. He only has the 5.5. million left this year guaranteed, so he can be cut and a team start from scratch.
The bigger question: Is Kaepernick salvageable? At the moment, Colin is in the midst of a two year decline. To his defense, San Fran hasn't done a great job surrounding him with rising young talent, but there are plenty of signal callers in the NFL that have less weapons and are thriving (Cam Newton for example).
What do you think? Should the Jets play it out with Geno Smith or make a move for Colin Kapernick?
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jets should need to pick him up. K is a decent quarterback with speed like Vick it'll add a great boost to there offense