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I feel like sharing to you guys about me bc you're all a huge fam to me. But like my life is so triggering in so many ways so I'll keep a lot of the bad things out so I don't upset people.
I literally have nothing but cosplay photos in my phone so Yee
Okay so Hi I'm Adia or Ross either or is fine by me. I wan born July 15th my full name is Adia Rose Jasinski When I was born, I was born with one leg shorter than the other. Ever up til since 6th grade, I had these huge lifts of my shoe. It helped me walk better with out falling and Shiz. In about 7th grade I had surgery on my left leg. They took out my growth plate of my knee cap and stunt it's growth to let my right leg.
Ever since then I haven't really grown much which really sucks now because my right leg is still so much shorter. I had to wear the lifts on the outside of my shoe probably at least UNTILL I was a freshman in high school. I used to be called so many names . I never was the kid who was normal. I stood out so much. I pretty much would embarrass my self to make my friends laugh. I still am that way but I say stupid shit to make people happy and not sad.
I'm sure a lot of people are like woah. Yeah that happens to a lot of people. Or like woah I'm sorry. But like damnnn middle school was so rough for me. It's not your fault or anything.
When I graduated 8th grade I cried so much because I was so scare to loose every friend I've known. Sure I did loose a lot of friends but HEYYYYYY I survived. I started getting into cosplay and anime more, keeping me out of trouble. Gradually over time I questioned on who I was and came out as bisexual and genderfluid. Here I am now as dorky as can be because I'm in love with korean boys(mostly BTS ) and anime characters. It's bad but it's better than drugs lmao 馃憣
Sorry this card was sad Or too deep. Now ya know some stuff about me.
thanks so much for sharing. I'm sorry that you've had to struggle so hard with this kind of stuff, though I'm glad to see that you seem to be happy in spite of it? at least I hope so.
@VinMcCarthy I'm fairly happy
Thats super tough! My best friend had hip surgery when she was younger so one of her legs is shorter than the other and i know its tough physically and mentally for her. You're a really strong person to still have such an awesome attitude!
Thank you so much for sharing <3 you're a totally awesome person and I'm so sorry you've had such a rough go of things. Hopefully that means you've filled your lifetime quota and only good stuff is ahead of you!
@kpopandkimchi thank you
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