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First - I'm an illustrator, graphic artist, professional photographer, and cinematographer (director of photography). So I did my #TeamCap photo not once... but about a dozen times - each with Photoshop... why? Because I roll that way. And the Cap is the man. Honorable, integrity-driven, and pure of heart, he spent his formative years being bullied and fighting to survive (due to numerous health issues which caused him to be weak and frail). NO ONE understands what it means to be weak and take a beating just for existing like the Captain. And because he is such a good person - when he was genetically modified into a super-soldier - he never lost touch of his humanity or let his power turn him into the thing he's always fought against. If there's one person you can trust to be a guardian for freedom, justice, and the pursuit of happiness - it's Steve Rogers - Captain America.
See - you don't have to be super-rich playboy Tony Stark to rock a Captain America shield in black-tie formal wear. Take that Tony! UH! Suck it!
Keep your eye on the shield!
Yeah! @TeamStark - you guys are gonna need to be looking over your shoulders - cuz you can't outrun justice baby!!!! You'll be like, "Oh no... don't abuse us anymore with your fairness and liberty and good stuff..." and apple pies. LOTS of apple pies. Man. I got the munchies.
Optimism and faith that right is greater than might is something that shines through even in the darkest of times.
I just realized I'm like the Martha Stewart of Captain America home decor. Just sayin'.
Just like the most dedicated and obnoxious paparazzi with a big-ass lens - you can't run from what is right and fair... liberty will always win over the insecurities of little men. Sorry. But Tony is pretty short - compared to Cap. Just keepin' real.
You may think that "Civil War" is black and white. But in this you'd be wrong. It's Red, White, and Blue.
@Krystalstar22 - Thank you! I just want to make sure those Stark Weenies know that they're not the only ones who can get all fancied up and go to charity ball thingys and speak with fake British accents and all of that. :D @LAVONYORK - Coming from the queen of supercalifragilisticexpialidocious - I am quite honored. :D You're pretty awesome yourself!
you sir are awesome team cap all the way
So many pictures XDD you like, annihilated the other team for a minute with all the amazing photography and captain America awesomeness #TeamCap !
@JonPatrickHyde I absolutely love this! Did I call you supercalifragilisticexpialidocious yet? Because you Sir... Are AWESOME!!!!!!!
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