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Noona November
Maknae dowoon goes to school 馃槀 Here is my fav maknae nowadays Yoon Dowoon from Day6 95liner Even he's youngest but he has lowest deep deep deep husky voice than the other members.. Dowoon's Drummer and vocal of Day6 [you cant hear his voice in "The Day" album, but he told he's one of the vocal too. Maybe next time he'll get the line, since he's the last member join in Day6 emmh 1month before debut, I thought] *Note you can hear dowoon's voice here 馃槝
Day6 Shut up and Dance.. dowoon focus and dowoon singing!! 馃檰馃徏
Twinkle twinkle little star dowoon' version 馃槅 >> https://twitter.com/day6slave/status/661064650465775617
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im falling for day6 more and more 馃槏馃槏
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DOWOOOOOOON! I'm so glad he joined Day6! It wouldnt have been Day6 without him!!
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aaaaaa DORUMMERRR ><
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*jumps up and down* THE ITTY-BITTY BABY!
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