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Well the obvious choice for me would have to be Naruto! I've been following this Anime since 2004 so I'm relatively hooked on everyone that Naruto has come close with. and Naruto being the one who I relate to the most due to my childhood but its gotten better over the years just as it has gotten better for him.
My second choice would have to be.... Kenichi: The World's Mightiest Disciple It seems to me my favorite anime has to deal with a underdog type of story :) and of course this is my my second choice! The way that he gets better and grows as a fighter through out this brought me great joy! Also this was one of the first anime me and my dad watched together!
And last but not least Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works is my final pick for my favorite anime. Although the ending made me pretty mad/sad it gripped me in! The animation and the story are superb but could have been polished up a bit. Overall I love this anime as well because of its action and the development of the Characters!
This are my Top 3 anime also everyone. This is my entry for a figure of Saber! I've always wanted one but was never able to get one due to not being able to find it ;-; Please everyone like this to improve the chances for me to get the figure of Saber! also thank you @hikaymm for the opportunity to receive this Gift! I hope I do well enough to win!
these are great! XD
ikr! this mad deserved all that he learned from everyone! @Thatperson512
@TobyBaire Kenichi deserves some more love. Even it's in my number 10 spot. Lol
Oh but of course! If I would have seen it sooner it probably would have been number 1 xD @Thatperson512
Finally another person who loves kenichi!
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