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Now you know who your lover is, where did y'all meet, and what was your first date, not to see how long was y'all together, Lets see the Results. REMINDER: Once you pick a flower you cannot change it back. So Let's Play Lovers With GOT7 Part 4 Results!!
#2 Bonus
#3 Bonus
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#7 bonus
Recent am i not in jail yet😂😂😂 first i start dating bambam.......then he gets super "romantic" and takes me to McDonald's and now were having a kid should i turn myself in now or later😂
oh my gOD. A RING. Yugyeom don't mess around.
So me and Jackson meet at an amusement park and our first date was at McDonald's and just after 2 months we are going to have a baby!! I don't think we really thought this through very well lol.
Omg yay!!!! Me and Jr. has been together for 9 months and I guess I'm pregnant now. lol I wonder how our child would look like.
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