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I love this fandom so freaking much, so I decided to make a card about it. As I strolled though most of the bangtan bombs I kept reading the comments and we're legit the weirdest and sweetest fandom I've ever come across so far. When I was new to the fandom you guys were so welcoming. I even met a girl in my class who ran up to me and gave me a hug cause she saw my BTS screensaver it was AMAZING!!!!! This was the second fandom I joined after exo. I legit got into this fandom because a really nice A.R.M.Y asked if exo-ls would give support to BTS. That has got the best decision I'd ever made lol I love this fandom so much. I can't describe how much I love this fandom. Soooooo SHOUT OUT TO EVERY A.R.M.Y ON VINGLE FOR BEING SO SWEET AND AMAZING.
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