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You can start obsessing now.

Fashion designer Aurora James showcased her shoe collection, Brother Vellies this past fashion week and it wasn't too long before it was the talk of town. I mean if Kanye West happens to be a fan than it must be amazing, right? Absolutely. This shoe collection and its intricate designs are handmade in South Africa. James wanted to share the fashionable taste of Africa with the rest of the world and we don't blame here.
From the perfect designs to the detailed fur, you'll literally drool and want every single pair in your closet. This collection started out with the infamous 'vellie' boot and has since expanded to sandals and slippers. If you're interested in seeing what this gorgeous babies look like, keep scrolling. Trust and believe, you'll be adding a pair to your holiday list in no time.

The Leopard Karen Sandal

The Art School Shoes

The Western Sahara Slip On

The Lamu Country Slide

The Neon Yellow Toe Cap Otavi

The Denim Babouche

The Painted Slide

The Springbok Congo Sandal

I'm obsessed.

Ladies, what are your thoughts on these beauties?

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that pair is my favorite! I definitely need a pair for the summer ladies. not sure why I'm just seeing this @AlloBaber @jazziejazz
@AlloBaber I was about to say same thing before I saw your comment. I agree 💯 % I want a pair!
Omg these are gorgeous. I love those Western Sahara slip ons!!