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I love this man for so much I can't even list all of the reasons why.
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puberty got him good 😍 he still looked good as a kid. No one is ever ugly, fat, etc to me. inner beauty is what counts
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@KailaArzillo 100% agreed!!!!
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TOP is no longer our little kid.. He grew up and look at him now. For all the bullies he probably faced as a child he got them back. puberty hit him amazingly 😊😊❀❀❀
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right... hence why i have so much respect and admiration for him
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Never underestimate the power of people, they can blow your minds if they want something done and they really put their minds to it, it will happen! I totally agree with @KailaArzillo I don't believe anyone is ugly, and I don't believe anyone should criticize someone because of their physical apperance. He still looks the same to me just skinny. A truly beautiful man either way 😍
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