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SOOO here is the THEORY....How is Blackbeard able to use two devil fruits?.....BECAUSE he is a Cerberus! yes i am STATING he has 3 DEVIL FRUITS!!
As you can see here, Marco mentions that Blackbeard's body is "ATYPICAL"
So where im getting at here is that PRIOR to eating the 2 Devil Fruits , Blackbeard CONSUMED a ZOAN type.... A devil fruit which has an inept ability to allow the user to consume and ise the power of two other devil fruits, making three in total. A possible name for this could be" Inu Inu No Mi Modal:Cerberus
His Jolly Roger has 3 skulls. 3 Heads of a Cerberus. weird....
As You can see here, ZORO says "there's more than one" in reference to Blackbeard. He is MULTIPLE people.... (scene is when they first met bellamy before skypea..)
Also Shank's Wound that he pointed out and told Whitebeard about when he visited him on the ship. Blackbeard of all the wounds he could of given shanks if looked like a claw looking scar on his eye...
So to Conclude my theory the evidence shows that Blackbeard probably has a MYTHICAL zoan Cerberus fruit. No other explanation comes close.....
Tell me What you guys think about this! And if you guy have any idea on WAT THIS MAN IS????lol..thank you for reading :D
Idk, the 3 head thing could be a foreshadowing of "it will take 3 men to take him down" Luffy, Law and whoever they add to create a new alliance. Who knows, just gotta wait and see.
smart but Blackbeard's logia devil fruit is known to suck everything in, also doflamingo mentioned that wen a devil fruit user dies the "devil fruit spirit" flies out to inhabit another fruit so if Blackbeard can suck everything in he sucked in the "devil fruit spirit" .. nevertheless nice theory
@TravisManning u have some facts wrong mate, blackbeard cant absorb devil fruits he nullifies them...that's wat he said. bo devil lets absorb devil fruits otherwise he can have more then just 2 or 3 and that just destroys the logic of only having one. And if he kud do that(blackbeard) oda wudnt had made it a mystery and no one in marineford wud be surprised. cerberous is a mythical zoan like Marco's. he has 3 heads could he could eat 3 its possible for a mythical zoan.
I think it's it has more to do with his darkness fruit being able to absorb devil fruits. his fight with ace he told ace his devil fruit can absorb other devil fruits hence why he can have more then one. tho the cerebus theory is flawed it's 3 heads with one body still allow the use of one devil fruit. however because the dark dark fruit (don't remember the name ) has the ability to absorb allowing the use for more devil fruits.
@Lawzo. its a possibility for sure but I don't think its possible for one fruit to give so many abilities, but again it happen for sure. @EduardoPontier good idea but I don't think he can use darkness inside if himself but only external, split personality thing is defentely I agree bro
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