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Okay so I know Jongup is only a year younger than me, but my sister is so close in age ti me that anyone younger than me is automatically a baby. I would love to have such an adorkable 동생 (dongsaeng) :)
I mean look how cute he is!!! But damn has he grown! O.o
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I feel like he isnt appreciated enough in BAP (just my opinion) so I really love this card! He seems like such a sweetheart!
@kpopandkimchi same, he really needs more recognition. His dancing is amazing and his vocals get better every time I hear them, but it seems like people forget about him sometimes :(
@BabySheep and @kpopandkimchi I agree that he isn't as appreciated as much as the others. But I don't understand why I mean he is super sweet, he can dance really really well, and he has an angel like voice (have you heard his high note in body and soul? or his part of the chorus in Coffee Shop?).
@destiny1419 I know, it's really unfair and doesn't make sense
Yes!! Jongup is one of those rays of sunshine that every band have! He really did grow up pretty fast like Zelo. Ah the love