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So I just read the last 6 chapters of Naruto Gaiden, and it's honestly better than I thought it would be. Really hope Masashi keeps going with it and shows it as anime. Anyone else up to date on the manga? Thoughts on it?
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@elh418 ehh without trying to give anything away the last part I remember was suigetsu and karen having a discussion about how suigetsu was wrong earlier on
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@VinMcCarthy yea you're caught up, that's the last one I read too
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@elh418 ah okay cool. in that case yeah I hope they keep going, though I've also seen things saying that Boruto is gonna be a manga? or something liek that
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@VinMcCarthy yea idk I'm kind of confused cuz I thought it was originally called boruto, but now hearing it might be a different thing all together , on top of that they got the spin offs with sasuke and rock lee but haven't read those .
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Eh, I wasn't to fond of Gaiden.
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