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i think his face can acuratly describe how much I HATE THIS WORD. what i mean is: i hate when people go OH MY GOD OPPA IS SO HANDSOME IM GOING TO MARRY LEO OPPA OH MY GOD OOOOPPPPPAAAAAAAA*insert high pitched screaming* i just...i cant i hate it so much.
I'm with @SusiBosshammer Other people use it if you want, just don't OVERUSE it. I, personally, can not call someone oppa. And I usually call them by the nickname I give them
I don't use it because I've noticed in dramas you only say that word if you're close to the person. I find it weird lol. I'm glad you brought this up though. I get the feeling that if you tell this to a major fangirl, she'll beat you up.
The only idol I call oppa is Donghae and that's only really in text not verbally. Like if I'm just talking about them I just call them by name. I think it's a little disrespectful to imply a closeness to someone you don't know personally . Even in text if it's an idol or actor older than me I try to add -ssi to their name to show respect. The overuse of 'oppa' can be annoying though!
I say their name and if I'm messing with my friends that don't understand the Kpop world, I'll say oppa
Im neutral about the word "oppa" If people use it too much then yes it pisses me off but if its once in awhile then its whatever lol
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