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Let's face it. Almost every video game-to-movie adaptation has been horrible. For real, like just terrible. But it looks like Duncan Jones's Warcraft movie is trying to change that. Even though the teaser that just got released is only 15 seconds long, it looks like an adequate fantasy/adventure movie.
I think one of the more interesting things about this movie is that they took the world of Warcraft (DO YOU GET THE PUN, DO YOU? I AM TRYING TO PLEASE YOU) and used it as a basis for a movie that'll be able to stand on its own. As someone who played a lot of Warcraft and WoW, I don't really can't remember any of the storylines that occurred within each quest because I was more interested in gaining levels than what was happening (my bad).
And I think that's something that'll work in favor of the movie. I can't really say whether or not it'll be good but it definitely has some great things going for it. The CGI looks really great but nothing you wouldn't expect from your standard fantasy flick. And since it's a teaser, there isn't too much about the story or how it'll translate on the screen.
One of the more interesting things about this movie is that it looks like it handles epic battles amazing set pieces really well. That one guy jumps off that thing and lands on another thing that can fly, there are a bunch of orcs doing things. And then there's that wolf biting that guy or whatever. And that all looks really great.
But what about the quiet moments? What about all the stuff in between the action set pieces? I think those are just as important as the action scenes. I wonder how Jones will handle giving the audience some time to breathe between all the orc-fighting. Because this teaser gives the impression that the whole thing is a giant orc-human-army-epic fight thing.
Either way though, we'll find out soon enough since the full trailer will be released this Friday.
Tron was not that bad it just been forgotten as a video game movie
Prince of persia , resident evil, Max Payne, Tron all these have a horrible box office history. Let's hope Warcraft will change the history.
Omg did you see the trailer today, Ghostie?! *squeeeee*
"winter is coming... I mean.. wait. which commercial am I in? fuck. never mind. bye"