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Who else wants a Why So Serious remake with Jonghyun present??? I love the mv but for me SHINee isn't really SHINee without all 5 members... Who else is with ms???
omg i been saying this for the longest time. like sometimes i hate that they have to be so strict with their schedule. accidents happen and he didn't know he was going to get hurt or anything. they should have waited until he healed and was better.
So are y'all saying that he left SHINee
@SusiBosshammer no i thought so too
@SusiBosshammer Oh no I actually thought the same thing the first time I watched and I still believe that they danced it like he was there... @KailaArzillo Omg me too this is my 3rd favorite SHINee song... @kpopandkimchi I love his solo song Crazy (Guilty Pleasure) and not just because he is Shirtless through half of the mv either... I love his voice as it hits those high notes...
I remember when this came out and everyone was so upset :/ I'm glad he got a solo though!
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