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Her style isn't the only thing you're obsessed with.

Before the industry became obsessed with Kylie's lips, there was a time when Kim Kardashian was the talk of town. From her chiseled contoured cheekbones to her precise ever so plump lips, we wanted it all. For the most part we got the contour game on point, now it's just a matter of time until we're lining our lips like our name is Kim K. Well, why wait?
Thanks to Kim Kardashian's amazing makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, you can now recreate the infamous over lined lip that both Kim and Kylie have made a thing.
Dedivanovic gives the scoop on the one tool he uses to perfect Kim's lip. He explains, "Kim loves a creamy, peachy, nude lip." Don't we all? I definitely do. Recreating this look is easier than you think and only consists of a few steps as followed: "Start on the outer corner of the bottom lip, bringing the line down toward the center of the lip. This is repeated on the top, moving toward the cupid's bow. He draws short, feathery strokes rather than a long streak. Attach the two sides and voilĂ ! You can create the illusion of larger lips by making the line just outside of your natural shape. Fill it in with your favorite neutral lipstick or gloss."
To achieve this look and learn how to line your lips like Kim Kardashian in less than a minute, check out the video above.