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L A Von York here..... And I am #TEAMCAP. I choose this side because I believe superheroes /superhumans should be protected. If they can do the service of protecting us from all kinds of doom, why can't we protect their identity. They are not only superheroes they are people who live on this planet with us that might actually have a family to protect as well.
Btw we are taking Spider-Man. No questions asked....because we believe in protecting not just the people of plant earth but protecting other superheroes that risk their lives.
Personal level : Capitan America does stand for a lot period. If anyone took the time to read @JonPatrickHyde article you would really understand what Captain America is about. Freedom, Liberty and Justice for ALL.
I know my place... With the that is in my ♥ @shannonl5 and the rest of #teamCAP L A Von York signing off.
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