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Love is blind, and apparently delicious.

For this 19-year old woman, she probably never imagined that she would be engaged to something so hot and so popular. No, not the jock on her college football team, but pizza. Yes, you read that correctly. If you didn't think people could marry inanimate objects, think again. Okay, it's a joke. This young lady didn't actually get engaged to a box of pizza. It was all a joke and the joke turned out to be a message encouraging body positivity.
You don't need anyone to validate you. Love yourself and order a pizza because it's the obvious thing to do, duh. Check out the video above and realize that although it is meant to be humorous, a message lies between the lines. Pay attention.
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Yoooo. If I were to marry a pizza, it most certainly wouldn't be from Pizza Hut. Just sayin'.
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@danidee Stuffed crust maybe ? 馃槏
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@Danse Mmmm. Stuffed crust. Stuffed crust Chicago pizza is my favorite.
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mos def not pizza hut!! @danidee and @Danse ded stuffed crust
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