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Vingle Civil War: Choose a Power

The war wages on...

Phase one of the Vingle Civil War is still underway (if you still haven't done your introduction, check HERE for instructions!), and we've reached an important stage: What powers do we all have? Consider your answer very carefully. After all, it could mean life or death for you, your allies, or your opponents!

Tell us in the comments! What are your powers... and your weaknesses?

I have the power of the Omega 13 - I can move back in time 13 seconds on command. My weaknesses are natural curly hair, sincere smiles, and intelligence <- wait. Never mind that. My super-hero weakness is extreme heat and humidity. I really can't stand that.
Aliances: captain america and the Xmen. Good unless really pissed off.
@shannonI5 Name: Krystal Serenity Kobayashi Race: appears as a human Japanese/american, but that is simply a glamour. I am actually a demigod- dark faerie queen Powers: Metal creation/control, shadow control, illusion creation, and sometimes lightning, but is more that I bend the metal to conduct the lightning.The hammer likes me. First appearence: Saving small!Steve from a bully in first avenger Lovers: Most in love with Bucky Barnes and Steve rogers, but also loves Charles Xavier. Body: Athletic and curvy Weapons: twin .45's from the 40's along with samurai swords made from metal from my home. Weaknesses: Extreme cold and Iron
Gambit's abilities with Daredevil's reflexes
Super human strength,super speed and healing factor >:) my weakness is fire O.O
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