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The war wages on...

Phase one of the Vingle Civil War is still underway (if you still haven't done your introduction, check HERE for instructions!), and we've reached an important stage: What powers do we all have? Consider your answer very carefully. After all, it could mean life or death for you, your allies, or your opponents!

Tell us in the comments! What are your powers... and your weaknesses?

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a similar ability as spiderman's spidey sense to sense danger and everything around and super speed to react fast enough
2 years ago·Reply
i would have Wolverines healing factor. Deadpools kick-ass humor. Thor's mjolnir. Spiderman's agility and acrobatics... oh, and I'd want Professor X's mind powers!
2 years ago·Reply
I'm late but wolverine healing power and human torch's fire with spiderman acrobatics
2 years ago·Reply
@MikeWolf better late than never! Plus you sound super
2 years ago·Reply
as in, super-powered :D
2 years ago·Reply