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V for Vendetta changed you

Well, maybe not you. But... me-you. The very 'me' that is the vernacular 'you' that I will be referring to for the sake of verity.

It happened in a small way.

You read the comic, you watched the movie. You didn't think it meant much at the time. You thought you were safe. You thought that the cruelty and horrors were confined to the pages of your book. You were naive. And maybe, you were a little bit guilty too.

Your life is one giant carbon footprint.

One filled with past mistakes, selfishness, and ignorance. You're not alone, sure. But often, we make these mistakes and then we repeat them. We don't try to learn, we don't try to do better. If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem. And it took you a very long time to learn that lesson.

You changed.

Not overnight, and you're not done yet. But you began to recognize your place in the world. You've started to understand the ways in which you've been bullied- and the ways that you've been the bully. And when you start to understand, you become more than you were before.

It's not over.

It's always beginning. For you, for everyone. And maybe it takes a while, maybe some work has to be redone or changed, and maybe a few things need to be torn down entirely. And that's frightening. Because that often means that everything you think you know about yourself and the world- your very foundations- need to change. But the thing about ideas is that they stick with you. They're willing to wait for you until you're ready. All it takes is that first step.
@SearraPigg no.. chuckled was the word I was looking for
@SearraPigg *giggle*
@shannonl5 I actually saw a you tube videos about it : D
I'm glad I own this movie since any day of the month that has a 5 in it I watch it on that day while doing homework
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