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That's right. According to on Sunday, Guatemala held the final round of its presidential election. Jimmy Morales, a television comedian with zero political experience was a candidate, who just six months ago held less than 1 percent in polls.
He has no real experience in politics and no real policy platform, but he won with over 70 percent.

"not corrupt, not a thief"

..Was his slogan he campaigned on. And with a popular anger over corruption fueled Morales's candidacy, it seems the country wants a big change.
"A series of corrupt presidents have left the Guatemalan institutions — and particularly its judiciary — broken, corrupted and dependent on the executive," Manfredo Marroquín, the head of Transparency International Guatemala, it is "the greatest challenge in Guatemala today."
Dubbed "Guatemala's Stephen Colbert", he might actually be the most popular person to take the country and change it around. But is he the best for the job?

Presidential candidates take note. Turns out you can be funny and also win a presidency...

Who knows? This dude to could be an interesting candidate! Or it could be a total mess.
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@nicolejb well, if you need to be funny, that's the other candidates ruled out. Especially @paulisaghost we all know ghosts lose their sense of humor with their souls.
yeah, he said himself he needs to go to comedy class and learn a thing or two about improv @InPlainSight
this is interesting
We'll see what happens....I am Korean raised in Guatemala and I lost all hope for its government long time ago...i'll believe it when I see it.
I almost want to see what happens and see if someone that isn’t created from the so-called “system” would be better then a regular politician. That’s really cool @RosePark (being in several different countries) I’m sorry you have a bad experience though.