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So I actually found a hilarious photo someone made and thought I'd share, but first, to address the issue at hand: I really don't like it when people say all Asians look the same. There are similarities, sure, but...
See what I mean? Us fans all get it. But we also have to remind ourselves to not get too upset because this is also true:
Lolz! Thought I'd offer some perspective. Enjoy! @byeolbit, @kpopandkimchi, @AimeeH, @VixenVivi, and etc...
YEP! People who say things like that are just ignorant
Loll I guess so sometimes it can be annoying
haha those actor dudes all look so similar. well maybe not finn (middle one). but the other defo. hehe never heard "does k stand for chinese!" 😂
hahaha I dont date white guys 1 I dont have know half of my family and 2 even to me all white guys look alike in some way which means evreyone who think that guy is cute im thinking he looks like my cousin ew. there have been instances when i had a crushes on guys and we were related bleh so i went to asians xD
This is so true ! I hate when they question why I love Asians and then turn out saying "cause they all look the same" NOO they do not.
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