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Sup guys Haidurr here and I'm here to recommend three awesome shows that you guys should check out! The three shows I'm going to recommend are shows you probably haven't heard of but trust me they're really great, and some of my personal favorites!
The first show I'm going to be talking about is Azumanga Daioh. This show is your typical slice of life school anime but it is actually pretty unique the plot is six girls going through high schools years 1-4. It's great watching the girls go through they're 4 years of high school and what they do during the summer and winter vacations. But what makes the show are the characters!
First you have Chiyo-chan the child prodigy she's a 10 year old freshman of high school and stays the top of the class, she is the most adorable character of the show and gets abused a lot by accident ;-;(gif 1) secondly you got Tomo shes the energetic slacker character that is honestly a really funny character also quite idiotic.(pic2) Next up is my favorite character Osaka whos real name is Ayumu Kasuga but she was given the name Osaka because she is a transfer student from Osaka. Her character is very dumb, clumsy, and nonathletic but that's why I love her(gif 3) Fourth and the final member of the knuckleheads(Osaka, Tomo) is Kagura she is athletic and stupid, she is rivals with Sasaki and doesn't really become relevant until about 1/3 through the series(gif4). Next is Sasaki she is the most athletic of the girls but is also the shyest and really loves animals :D(gif 5). Lastly is Yomi. Yomi is Tomo's best friend and tends to be the most mature of all the girls(gif6).
My next recommendation is JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is probably my favorite anime series of all time, it is the Mananime. The characters are awesome, the fights are awesome, and the show tries not to take its self seriously
JJBA follows the Joestar legacy as they face an evil force in every part.
The first part of the series is The Phantom Blood arc which involves Jonathan Joestar and Dio Brando. Dio finds that this stone mask the the Joestar family has been keeping has the power to turn people into vampires so Dio uses it on himself when he is about to be arested for secretly poisoning Jonathan's father. Dio and Jonathon have an epic battle that ends up with the Joestar manor burned down and Dio dead, or so we thought.Jonathan is confronted by a man in top hat name William Zeppeli who is going to teach Jonathan the secret to Hamon a power that is used to destroy Dio and the stone mask.
The second part of the series is Battle Tendency. This part follows Joesph Joestar(the grandson of Jonathan) and Cesar Zeppeli(the grandson of William) as they go to fight the creators of the stone mask the pillar men.
The third and probably best part is Stardust Crusaders. This part follows Jotaro Kujo(the grandson of Joseph) and the Stardust Crusaders(Joseph Joestar, Avdol, Kakyoin, Polnareff, and Iggy) as they travel to Egypt to fight the thought to be dead Dio Brando and his followers. But this series is different from the other two this series introduces Stands which is a supernatural power that defends and empowers their users in a variety of ways, and when revealed may be represented by figures hovering near to them.
And just recently the fourth part was announce to get an anime adaption I'm so excited!
Now for you horror fans I recommend Hell Girl. Hell Girl to me is kind of underrated but its a really good series.
Each episode typically follows the format of a self-contained short story where a person has been suffering torment from an acquaintance to the point that he or she accesses the Hell Correspondence website and submits a request to get rid of the person. Ai Enma, the Hell Girl, appears, and presents a doll with a string that can send the named antagonist to Hell. When the string is pulled, Enma and her companions then torment the antagonist, offering a last chance to repent, and ferries them to Hell. The price of the contract is that the person making the request will also have to go to Hell after his or her life is over.
Later in the series you meet a character named Hajime who begins to investigate the Hell Correspondence. He tries to help people from being dragged to hell thanks to his daughter being some how able to see through the eyes of Ai.
Well there you have it 3 shows that I think you guys should like totally watch, well see ya!
I haven't seen any of these! now I have awesome animes to add to the list!
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@VinMcCarthy they're all great shows!