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Jonghyun's Crazy (Guilty Pleasure)
Ok so now I am sure everyone appreciates Jonghyun's sexy shirtless body scenes in this but those notes I swear could be my undoing... Who else loves his vocals in this??? I am not too fond of the rapping part because I would rather hear Jonghyun's amazing voice rather than some rapper I do not know of...
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I always thought jonghyun was sexy but his vocals takes him beyond sexy, like this man is beautiful! you can hear the passion in his voice when he sings and you know he genuinely loves what he does!
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The rapper is named Iron (I think) and personally I liked it even though it was unexpected :)
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meeee!!!! for reals I am pretty disappointed no one ever gives him a lot of credits and omg y isn't he winning any awards on mama?
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this song is so good and I love the rapper and yes @aliciasalinas his name is iron. he also did puss with jimin on unpretty rapstar season 1
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@amberg171997 Him hitting those high notes, not being my bias had me melting haha... @MYAlpha Ever since I became a Shawol I have believed that if you stuck Taemin and Jonghyun in the same body you would have created a Korean Michael Jackson... @anyamcgowan That you can, the passion is clear!!!
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