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Don't worry, it's not a battle to the death

I know (assume) nobody here is a superhuman, but let's say you were out at a club one night, maybe acting a little rowdier than you should. One of these two heroes is going to be the bouncer, and it's their job to show you the business. Who would you rather was out there kicking your ass?
Their both escorting me out i give hulk shit and get my ass kicked by him but i say some more and the wonder women joins at the end Then she feels bad for how bad i look after i get a nice ride back on the invincible jet and nurse back to help by her haha win
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Wonder Woman, why because somewhere out there there is a slight chance I'm gonna get to fuck Wonder Woman
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fight wonderwomen, she can use her lasso on me.
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Wonder Women cuz i dont think that Hulk can control his strength
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