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I found something...
so we figured out this is MCrown they are with Starpro Entertainment Bottom picture: top left to right: LBin, Ruan, and Laon bottom left to right: JoouP, TaeGun, JaeHyuk and Jake @electica @KellyOConnor @Exoexo @CreeTheOtaku @ArmyofKookie @Myaisnotsexy @kpopandkimchi @B1A4BTS5ever
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yeah but most are vampires, the wolf and the priest(st.van) all in all still 7 not 6 @destiny1419 right so uhh.. I read what it said too, I didn't think it was important because I already knew who were each since they said it on the webtoon which I can't wait to see tomorrow.
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They have a member with light pink hair, I'm sold!
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This was a nice thing to wake up to!
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Ohhhhh so this is who they are :3 interestiiiiingggggggg andquitecute
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