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So I'm still working on figuring all this out, but want to put up more Vegeta materiel. So here we go on another attempt.
Lets start with Scouter Vegeta, Not my personal favorite but who's down with it?
Vegeta after going ssj1. (I believe the pictures are correct, but please correct me if any are wrong.) Getting more bad ass, but still lacking.
Majin Vegeta, now this is a bad mofo I get behind and one of my favorite versions. Loved the saga and how he is so B.A. even under mind control, he does whatever he wants.
and what I consider sad is "Super Vegeta".. Like father like son, going big and thinking it would be better. Unfortunately this big bulky style didn't work to the benefit of either Vegeta nor Trunks.
ssj2 Vegeta.. this is where it heats up, he has grown massively in skill and strength at this point and personally, I think he should have been able to give Goku a good whooping at this stage. :p
And something I believe all us Vegeta fans always wanted to see. ssj3 Vegeta... would be soo bad ass I would literally get chills to see him in action. yeah yeah, even though he got ssjgod and all but thats besides the point.
And I'm putting Baby Vegeta and ssj4 Vegeta in the same category. 1. Because I'm not a huge fan of what happened story wise in GT. and 2. Baby Vegeta = Stupid, having Vegeta get posessed yet again but with an even more annoying villain and a worse voice. And ssj4 Vegeta = Cool idea but poor presentation, not to mention him having to use a machine to even attain the power. Moral of the story, Work hard to achieve more, and don't have shitty high voices for villains.
And last but definitely not least, ssj god Vegeta! Super bad ass and I have no idea why he still hasn't got his moment yet. Granted I haven't watched any DBS as of yet but I hope good thing are in the future for my boy.
So now thats all over with, I'm looking for some feedback. Leave a comment with any corrections if you see any mistakes. (constructive criticism is all good in my book.) Which form is your favorite? Any and all suggestions welcome. Thanks for reading. ^_^
TFS Cell: How, h-how did u get so strong!? TFS Vegeta: i trained all day yesterday Cell: Oh, u think you're being cute!! Vegeta: Bitch, im adorable
TFS Vegeta will always be my favorite.
Vegeta is one of the most bad ass characters ever thought up his name comes from an ancient Japanese philosopher which is pretty awesome right off the bad not to mention that he is the most driven person you will ever meet always trying to get better faster and stronger and he is now equal to Goku so there is nothing to stop him now although is it strange that it took Majin buu to finally bring out his humanity and show he actually cares about people something you don't see from him ever but all and all he is the single most bad ass dude in the universe
how powerful
that sounds about like everyone who is a vegeta fan here. All i need is this point and this point alone, not a long ass novel like u wrote. We all act like Vegeta cuz he's our favorite character, so there's no point of u even writing all that. So i suggest for u to calm down, eat ya vitamins, and have fun like the rest of us. "C'mon Vegeta, laugh" ~Goku
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