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Winter is prime time for dry skin of all kinds. Your lips are extremely sensitive and can fall prey to the same pitfalls as your face. I'm going a bit further with this winter series, because I can tell you guys are looking for solutions!
I wanted to extend a big thank you to @amobigbang for her winter skincare card, and want to encourage you guys to exchange your favorites and routines, I'm thinking about making a collection for us beauty gals! Let me know if you'd be interested!
Alright, on to the lip balms!

Best Prep Product

Okay, I know you're thinking, "I don't have time for a lip scrub, and I don't really care that much." Well, you better change your mind, because lip scrubs are my holy grail beauty secret. Trust me, exfoliation is your friend especially in the winter months. One of my all-time favorites is this Sugar Lip Polish by Fresh cosmetics.
Sephora ends up giving these out all the time for Beauty Insiders, and that's how I first started using it. It's honestly worth it, apply this sucker before you put anything else on, and you'll see a huge difference in the smoothness of your skin.

Best Deep Repair

The next thing you should apply is Aquaphor. Yeah it's old school and a little bland looking, but nothing beats it as far as effect. This is the dry lip doctor. If you apply this miracle before sleep, you'll wake up with baby soft lips. Well, maybe not that soft, but you get the idea.

Best Casual Gloss

Mac Tinted Lip Conditioner is awesome, simply put. I've used it for years. You can get it in a variety of shades, but Pettier Pink is the best shade. I don't care if you like pinks or corals, roses or purples...this shade will work on you.
Plus, Mac Lip Conditioners are medicated and can help your chapped lips heal faster than you can say pretty as a petal.

Best Casual Lipstick

Of all the beauty products I've picked up on my trip to Korea, the Innisfree Moisture Tint Lipstick is the best discovery. These are the creamiest, most long lasting, pseudo-matte lipsticks I've ever worn. Seriously, I wore their red shade on Halloween and it stayed on all night long (and I was out until 5 in the morning). We're not going to talk about that, but we are going to talk about how amazingly moisturized my lips felt. You can order them online here!

Best Formal Lipstick

Yes, there is a difference between casual and formal lip products. Anyone who says that you can wear the same glosses for all occasions, you're going to have a bad time. If you want a serious lip color that won't make your lips dry and cracked, you should look no further than Kat Von D's line of makeup. Her lipsticks are major. The Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks have incredible color payoff, and they last forever. Don't worry about dryness either.

Best Medicated Balm

Burt's Bees is always good for medicated balms. Whichever one you pick up is sure to be a good fit for winter dryness. The classic medicated balm has Eucalyptus oil in it, which is a sure fire way to burn the hell out of your lips, but it'll also be better in the long run as a deterrent for chap and dryness.

Best Treatment

I swear by Lush sugar scrubs, this is a great treatment for after you remove your gloss or lipstick. It's vegan, natural and completely cruelty free, so no guilt.
This scrub tastes like candy, and gives you all the buzz of a sugar shock without the calories. Apply this in the shower or right after you wash your face. It'll leave your lips exfoliated and ready for another day of devastating lipstick.
dWhat are your winter lip favorites?
Do you have a beauty secret!? Make a card and tag me, so I can include it in the collection.
YES YES The cream matte is awesome @amobigbang you are just as into makeup as I am! I love that. @jordanhamilton do you have any beauty secrets?
:( definitely didn't see your card!!! sorry, about that. the one I created earlier was basically identical minus the options. and I'm just a huge fan of coconut oil and exfoliating.
Kat von d available at sephora and it's awesome..
OMG @amobigbang I forgot about NYX butter glosses. They are so so so nice. I have a couple of the pink-y shades, they are amazing!!
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