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Everyone who watches Game of Thrones, or used to watch Game of Thrones, they should all remember The Mountain. You know, that giant guy that kills the handsome guy right before he knocks all his teeth out. I know that's barely descriptive but I trust that you already know who I'm talking about. He's the only giant human being on the show.
The actor that plays him, Hafthór Björnsson, is a professional strongman (see: strong, see: man) when he isn't fake-gouging someone's eyes out on HBO so seeing him square-up against a person who is, well, normal-sized is kind of an amazing sight.
It's kind of hard to understand why they decided to spar each other. Maybe the normal-sized human, Conor McGregor, lost a weird bet. Or maybe Björnsson heard McGregor screaming, "I could beat him up!" at the television while he watched Game of Thrones with his friends. I don't know.
As a sometimes-watcher of MMA, it reminds me of the reasoning behind weight classes. No matter how well-trained McGregor is, Björnsson still has an advantage. Watching the whole video is kind of fun regardless though. It's like watching an older brother and a younger brother mess around for a couple of minutes.
Other than that though, it kind of terrifies me and I hope I never meet either of these people in a situation like this one.