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It was all the rage in the 90s.

If you didn't have your shirt tucked into your pants, you were simply doing it wrong. The trend has suddenly resurfaced and it's back and better than ever. In order to produce the perfect tucked in look, it's best that you throw on a body suit. They're versatile and come in a variety of styles that will make you look sleek and stylish.
The bodysuit was a thing of the past and now it's a thing of the future. I would definitely say it's a staple item, so make sure you get your hands on one while you can. Throw on some jeans or a skirt and you have the perfect look. To see what bodysuits are in style, keep scrolling to take a trip down memory lane.

What bodysuit can you see yourself wearing consistently?

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I know you always look cute!!! you're Jamaican, duhhhh :) @TerrecaRiley
@jordanhamilton lol...thanks
haha, no problem @TerrecaRiley
I love them all! probably the black one. I want a skirt like that it's super cute
black is always a great choice!!! and the skirt is perfect @PurpleChick