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Did You Guess Who?

Who was the best at comics trivia this week?

It's that time again Marvelers. Who was the best at trivia this week? Let's check out those hints again...
Character 1
He has every episode of Trek (the classic series) He was one assisted by the ghost of Benjamin Franklin
Character 2
In her first comic book appearance she had the name Hayley Fitzpatrick A Days of Our Lives character inspired the character's creation

Did you guess correctly?

Deadpool & Harley Quinn!

Apparently this week was a little too easy! That's all right though, we're gonna play again next week! Let's give our congrats to @BeannachtOraibh who got Harley Quinn first, and @ButterflyBlu who got them both! Many thanks to @MoisEsGaray @AnnaDodd @LAVONYORK @GeraldIngraham @ArcticFox95 and @shantalcamara for playing! I'll see you on Monday for another fun trivia game!

If anyone would like to contribute, please message me!

😂😂😂 ur loosing your touch. jk
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