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A Yale University Fraternity is in trouble with some pretty heavy stuff...

"No, we're only looking for white girls," the member allegedly told a group of minority women trying to enter the SAE party. According to Sofia Petros-Gouin, a freshman visiting from Columbia University who witnessed the exchange, the member explicitly said, "White girls only."

This caused a lot of outrage from the campus...

Because the fraternity is accused of being racist. As one of the most prestigious schools in the U.S. this carries a lot of weight...
Though the president of the chapter said they were only denying entry because they were worried about getting a police citation.

Fraternities are getting a lot of Heat.

Or is it just me? Fraternities getting in the news has become a regular thing.
Last year, the same fraternity SAE in Oklahoma was shut down after a video showcasing members singing racist slurs.

Do you think this is a wake up call for a change in the Greek System? Or is this one bad case that gives Fraternities a bad rep?

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Thanks for sharing that @VinMcCarthy do you think that it would be worth it for fraternities to invest more time into changing their ways? I mean are they valuable enough to help fix?
@nicolejb well I'll be coming from a place of bias, obviously, but I think so. I think these fraternities that have been around for so long need to look back at what a fraternity was supposed to embody - excellence in education as well as interpersonal relationships. Fraternities, on paper, are supposed to be men who represent something better. They're supposed to hold themselves to high standards. Fraternities are a traditional part of American college life, so I think for that there should be reforms instead of just getting rid of them. However, just because something is tradition doesn't mean it's good.
quite honestly this does not come as a surprise to me at all.on one hand I do believe that they should change the rules that the sorority is allowed to operate under.but on the other hand do we really want for people of color to be forced to be allowed in that environment? no.sadly the only thing that can really happen is for these guys to change their mindset. and I don't think that that is going to happen any time soon.these are the kinds of people that schools like this are "educating",and putting in the position to poison the world even more. but we shouldn't want to be anywhere we aren't wanted.
Yeah, I was actually surprised at how un-surprised I was by this news. I've just been seeing them so much in the news it really makes me feel discouraged at improving this system... @ChosenKnight Totally @VinMcCarthy, maybe those that have been in the positive experience of it have a better understanding of how that can be solved then! us outsiders (me especially) is ready to give up on the system.
I honestly don't really understand the Greek life, and there seems to be a lot of things wrong with the system of it. However, I do know a lot of people from college who had really great experiences from it. Am I surprised by this news? Not really -- which is super sad.