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We made it weird Marvelers.

This week's mad lib was something special. Because this one wasn't just about Spider-Man, there are also two Vinglers in the story! You can read it here:
Peter Parker was in class taking sorrowful notes when @ButterflyBlu and @AimeeH walked in (looking fabulous of course). @AimeeH was dressed up like Robin, and @ButterflyBlu looked like Peggy Carter. Peter Parker was understandably confused.
"My spidey senses are twerking," he thought.
"I have an important announcement!" @ButterflyBlu grinned. "There's a SUPERHERO in our midst."
Cringing, Peter Parker tried to hide behind his astounding shark on his desk.
"That's right"! @AimeeH looked proudly at the room. "Gwen, please stand up!"
"Huh?" Peter nearly fell out of his chair from his thirsty flailing. Gwen Stacey hopped to the front of the room, pulling a spidey suit of her own out of her urn full of Uncle Ben's ashes. Shocked, Peter slammed his uvula on the underside of his desk. There was fresh gum there. It felt affectionate. Ew.
"It's true," Gwen smiled, taking a dramatic bow. "And I'm going to be kicking butt with there two awesome ladies ALL WEEKEND." The three of them high-fived.
"I have no idea what's going on," said Peter, stunned. "Did I hit my weenus really hard the last time I fought Doc Oc? I'm totally disoriented!"
"And that's not all," said @ButterflyBlu taking off her very defiant hat. I have a surprise for everyone in my anaconda!" Reaching inside, she pulled out a smelly variety of candy!
"Candy for everyone," said @AimeeH with glee.
"Because that's what heroes do!" Said Gwen, passing out the bouncing candy using her web. One of the candies hit Peter in the coccyx.
"This must be a dream," he whispered, pinching himself. "Well okay, that didn't work."
@AimeeH @ButterflyBlu and Gwen were throwing confetti all around the room, making everything look sparkling, like a narwhal. There was music playing from the running asses. Confused, Peter tried to shoot a web from his wrist.
He heard something strange, but no web appeared. He tried again.
"Do you want some water Peter?" Gwen was looking at him. "You seem a little dehydrated buddy."
He nodded. "That sounds... really nice Gwen." He blinked. "So, you're the web-slinger that's been saving the world from jovial wolves and rubber ducks?"
"Yup, that's me!" She grinned, leaning down to whisper in your ear. "The Goblin found out about your secret identity and was going to reveal it today. We're hoping the distraction will buy you time."
Peter blinked.
Gwen winked.
Peter chuckled.
"Do you have any Butterfingers?"
"Sure thing!"
And then Peter ran off to protect his identity, while Gwen, @ButterflyBlu and @AimeeH celebrated their heroic victory over evil.

Yup... really weird.

But in the best kind of way. Thank you so much to @DarthRevan @YoSoySoysauce @loftonc16 @BladeChild7 @LenaBlackRose and @lanejlzero for contributing to this HILARIOUS Marvel Lib! You're brilliant ^_^

Let me know what characters you'd like to see next time!

Hahahaha I love it! "My spidey sense are twerking." Lol!
totally loved this one
Lol XD
I think the next one should be Deadpool and Loki
Sorry i didn't dov any this week but stuff came up and i forgot
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