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I know all my Mets fans (@jeff4122 and @DannyMoses) are utterly disappointed and still trying to get over what happened Sunday night.

Yes, it's sad and all, but it's also time to move on. Baseball will come back once again and things are looking really good for the Mets organization.

Everyone should try to move on with the exception of maybe this one particular fan...

Meet Josh Davis of Hackettstown, New Jersey.

Josh is a hardcore New York Mets fan. And he decided to go out and do something brave(?) and reckless(?) in celebration of his favorite team making it to the World Series.
Josh got a tattoo that read:

"World-Champs 2015"

as we all know by now,

the Kansas City Royals are 2015 World Series champions!

Um Josh, what are you going to do about that tattoo?

Well at least Josh said he doesn't regret his tattoo. In an interview, he stated,
“I don’t regret it at all. I’ve been a huge Mets fan my whole life. I can always change it. I could always add to it. People are saying to wait until next year and make it a six [2016]."

Well, that's the spirit buddy! But I seriously do hope you learned your lesson.

@nicolejb - it should be fixable. If nothing else they can cover the 2015. >.<
ohhh noooo. this is just... well, sad. poor Mets fan. I really do hope he can fix the tattoo...
yeah you are probably right! for now, he can cover it with makeup and wait it out. haha @mchlyang
@nicolejb Ehh...I don't know about a baseball. It would be even more depressing if they don't win the World Series while Josh is alive!
Yeah, put something like a little baseball or something over that... lol.
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