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Vingle Civil War: What are you fighting for?

The war's not over yet Marvelers!

It's been tough going, and now it's time to reveal our sensitive side. What's your stake in this battle? Comment below and reveal your backstory: Are you trying to protect your loved ones, standing up for your ideals... or are you a villain in disguise, trying to take advantage of the situation? It's time to get personal!
friends and family on both sides, I see the reason to both sides and I am trying to get both sides to compromise. .. if there is a register it should be willing and in a secure server that only the people who need to know
standing up for what I believe is right
I'm standing up for my ideas and values.
@Krystalstar22 well we better not let that happen then ;p but honestly with all the super genius level hackers we have it shouldn't be an issue
@shannonI5 Yeah, me too. ^^; @GinTenma That literally is the best solution i've heard! But what If HYDRA got ahold of it?
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