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I was having a little chat with @paulisaghost about how much he loves DBZ, specifically because of Piccolo. Being the charitable person that I am, I decided to make up this whole card of Piccolo memes just for that lonely ghost-man.
Way to go, Piccolo. Some great luck you've got.
I can't get over how high the quality of this picture is, to be honest.
(I made a little edit just for @paulisaghost)
This is legitimately my favorite possible image of Piccolo anywhere on the internet.
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Cough cough vegeta better :p
2 years ago·Reply
These memes are damn good
2 years ago·Reply
these are awesome. I can't help but hear Goku yelling the nyan cat thing.
2 years ago·Reply
Okay I have never seen the anime that Piccolo is in but what's funny is that a piccolo is actually a popular instrument related to the flute but I get this green dude as a first result whenever I look it up XD
2 years ago·Reply
All that effort and only 9 comments? OBJECTION!!!
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