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Sometimes, it's hard to beat the convenience and affordability of fast food.

It's a tasty, hot meal, fast. So on the days when you're running around and barely have enough time to get everything done, it can be tempting to just pull in the Drive In and get it over with.
While I'm not one to hate on the occasional McIndulgence (chicken nuggets and a vanilla milkshake, please), we all know that fast food is horrible for our bodies and its daily consumption is part of a growing problem in America. We convince ourselves we don't have the time or money to put our health first.
Sadly, for some of us, this is true. Access to fresh, healthy foods is a huge problem, especially for impoverished inner city communities. I won't minimize that struggle. But even when funds are tight, thanks to things like:

+ On-sale produce

+ Canned and frozen vegetables

+ Frozen fruit

+ Cheap dry goods (rice, beans)

+ Whole chickens can still be possible to eat healthily and cheaply. I was looking around the internet for more inspiration on the subject, and found a few really helpful links:
(I don't really like the judgmental tone of that last article, but she DOES have some really good ideas for fast, healthy eating. I don't think anyone should be shamed for eating fast food now and then.)
I hope you find some inspiration in these articles – I know I did! Rather than picking up dinner on my way home from work this week, I'm going to try to go grocery shopping tomorrow and prepare some of the meals suggested in these articles. It seems so easy – I think all that's been limiting me is my unwillingness to try. So here's to our health, and good luck on your healthy eating journey!